December 5, 2023
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Plans for new development of large family homes in Kilkenny city

Plans for a new development of large family homes in Kilkenny city have been lodged with the local authority.

Madill Property Limited is seeking planning permission to build 55 new homes at Rath Ullord, New Orchard on the Bonnettsrath Road.

The proposed new development would consist of two styles of 26 four-bedroom houses and two three-bedroom dwellings plus 24 ‘duplex units’ consisting of 12 two-bed homes and a further 12 one-bed properties.

The plans also include a three-story mixed use retail/apartment building, with four two-bedroom apartments over ground floor retail or restaurant units, and another three-storey building consisting of 12 two-bedroom apartments.

Madill Property Limited is also seeking permission to construct a “facilities management building”, a communal refuse storage pavilion and for the provision of “internal roads and footpaths including associated pedestrian crossing facilities, surface level car parking, public lighting, landscaping, public open space, boundary treatments, provision of foul and surface water disposal and all associated site”.

Kilkenny County Council is expected to announce its decision on the proposed development early in January.

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