June 22, 2024
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SPONSORED: Prostyles – providing hair stylists with the excellence they need to empower women to look their best

Prostyles had a simple but ambitious goal: It wanted to be the very best in the highly competitive hair extension market.

Prostyles serves professional stylists and salons and so it was the professionals it turned to for advice.

“What do we need to do to be the very best?” it asked them. “And what does the industry need from us as a company?”

So began the remarkable transformation that turned a very good company into a truly great company.

Prostyles had more than 20 years of experience in hair extensions. It was a leader in fibre and loose fusion extensions.

But under new ownership, it has been transformed into a brand that delivers its customers a premium hair extension range which stands out from all the others.

“Prostyles is different in its approach to hair extensions,” explains Mark Wood. “We offer the highest quality of hair across all popular fittings and provide the stylist with the tools to bring out the best of their creativity. Unlike other brands, Prostyles puts the stylist at the centre of its offering.”

Most extension companies train in application but Prostyles trains in styling as well as application – providing the end-user with a far superior result.

For Prostyles, the secret of success is the willingness to listen.

“We’ve taken what we have learnt from industry leaders to bring about real change in the hair extension market,” says Mark Wood. “Prostyles brings a fresh, exciting and innovative approach to the sector through its products and is passionate about providing stylists with the excellence they need to empower women to look their unique best.”

When it comes to innovation, creativity and service, Prostyles leads the way as the professionals’ choice. And now it is launching the Prostyles brand in partnership with award-winning salon Hair by Amy Williams based in South Kilkenny, the first salon in the South-East to stock the Pro-styles premium hair https://www.instagram.com/amy_williams_hair_/

Stunning quality hair is available in four different lengths and five different application types, allowing for a suitable method for all hair types and desired styles.

At the Prostyles Academy, they are passionate about providing stylists with the education, training and tools required so their clients look their best. All Prostyle trainers are experts in their field and will bring the enthusiasm, techniques and advice needed to quickly get you to a professional standard of fitting hair extensions.

Prostyles creates bespoke packages to suit each salon’s needs across a range of different techniques: ProHair Fibre, Loose Fusion, Pre-Bonded, I-Tips, Tape Wefts and Wefts.

To become a salon stockist of these fabulous hair extensions, please visit https://prostyles.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/prostyleshair/



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