March 5, 2024

Pug Club hosting perfect dog day afternoons at Kilkenny Castle

KILKENNY Castle is playing host to a different type of gathering in recent months as proud pug parent/owners meet for a good old grumble.

Not that the dog lovers are complaining – ‘grumble’ is the term for a group of pugs.

The cute canines and their owners get together every two months at Kilkenny Castle.

The Kilkenny Pug Club, a social club for pugs and pub cross breeds, has been meeting for almost two years.

Like their owners, the Kilkenny pugs have a great sense of occasion: they love to meet for big calendar events such as Christmas and Halloween.

Now the Pug Club is expanding its ‘grumble’ and has invited any “like minded” dog owners to join the group.

Kilkenny Pug Club founder Ash O’Brien told “We’re like a social club for pugs and pug cross breeds, but over time lots of other dogs have started to come along too. It’s a great way to socialise your pug – pugs love to play and it’s great to see a group of them together.”

The club had planned to meet this Sunday at 1.30pm, but had to cancel the event earlier today because of the bad weather. An alternative date will be announced soon.

*If you or your four-legged friend is interested in joining Kilkenny Pug Club, email or check out the group’s Facebook page @kilkennypugclub




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