June 16, 2024

School in east to close for 14 days after first confirmed case of coronavirus

A secondary school in the East of the county will close for 14 days following the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the country, it was confirmed this evening.

The Department of Health said that staff and pupils at the school are being treated as close contacts of the first case that was detected here yesterday.

It did not disclose the location of the school, only that it is in the “east” of the country.

The Department said all pupils and teachers are being asked to restrict their movements until the end of the incubation period.

It also said public health doctors will “actively follow-up with all students and teachers on a daily basis” over the next fortnight.

Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer with the Department of Health, said this evening: “Contact tracing has assessed that close contacts of this patient includes pupils and teachers of a secondary school.

“Public health doctors are in direct contact with pupils, their parents and the staff involved.

“Patient confidentiality in this case, and in all cases, should be respected. The Department of Health will provide updated information as necessary.”

The Department of Education said it is available to assist the school in any way necessary and that it is in regular contact with the Department of Health.

It said it will continue to communicate with all schools on the issue.

Earlier today, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health has said the risk of contracting coronavirus for individuals in Ireland remains low despite confirmation of a case of Covid-19 here.

The patient, the first case of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the Republic of Ireland, is currently being treated in a Dublin hospital.

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