February 27, 2024

‘Soul destroying’ – anger as Kilkenny gardai hit out at ‘multiple’ house parties despite Covid-19 appeals

Widespread anger was expressed online throughout today after gardai confirmed house parties took place at “multiple locations” across Kilkenny and Carlow despite repeated appeals for people to stay at home and maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Gardai in Kilkenny hit out at actions of some people who they said “prioritised their enjoyment over the safety and health of others”.

A local Garda spokesperson warned such behaviour can “undo good work and ultimately cost lives”.

The spokesperson said: “In an evening that gave us the Shining the Light community initiative which showed the best of our spirit, unfortunately others fell short.

“Calls were received by gardai up to the early hours. Social distancing becomes impossible when households mix after consuming alcohol and other intoxicants.

“To the vast majority with their shoulders to the wheel in these tough times, thank you. To those who fell short, please, please look around you and think.”

Many people took to social media to express their anger and dismay after gardai posted a picture (above) of dozens of cans of beer and bottles of spirits.

One woman commented: “Actually soul destroying. All our emergency services, medical staff retail staff who have no choice but to risk their lives for us all and idiots like this who cant see past the end of their nose.

“Along with all the people who died and those who are suffering because of Covid-19 and it’s still not enough for them to have an ounce of humanity for others.”

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