December 3, 2022
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MEDIA Helm is an innovative digital design company that thinks, and acts, big.

The company is part of a new wave of exciting digital and tech companies in the South East that are making a big impact, not just regionally, but also across Ireland and internationally.

Established by founder and Creative Director Robin Whelan five years ago, Media Helm is now one of the most successful web design companies in the South East and plans to be one of the biggest in the country within a decade.

Like many of his peers, Robin started small, gradually building his fledgling business from the ashes of the recession at a time of great change as the digital revolution began to transform the way we live and work.

Robin (pictured below with web designer Seamus Frisby) has built up a hugely loyal client base, as is evident from the almost uniform five-star reviews Media Helm receives weekly from satisfied customers.

And while his passion for design is the driving force behind the company’s success, it is Robin and his growing team’s ability to interpret and translate their clients’ vision into a dynamic design to fit their unique business and brand that sets them apart from the rest.

Robin explains Media Helm’s approach: “Our USP is that everything we do is custom built and specific to each individual business. We are not in the generic business where one size fits all, which is about 80pc of businesses out there.

“We sit down with each and every client, go through their specific need and, through close collaboration, we custom-build everything according to their individual needs.”

The secret, according to Robin, is not rocket science, but something a lot of bigger design agencies fail to grasp.

“Our first job, is to listen. What is it that makes our client or their business unique? What makes them tick? What are the forces that drive them? What is their vision? Our job is then to translate their vision into a unique brand design that encapsulates their business approach and what makes them unique.”

Media Helm’s client-focused approach is clearly paying off, but it’s not the only factor driving the company’s success.
Robin and Media Helm understand all too well that their industry has changed dramatically over the past five years, and that there will be no let-up in a rapidly evolving and competitive environment.

Robin sums it up: “You have to stay ahead of the game, and to see changes coming down the track before your competitors do or you find yourself on the back foot.”

Innovation and constant upskilling has enabled Media Helm to stay ahead of the herd. It is now one of the South East’s leading drone footage operators and continues to invest in cutting edge technology to deliver the best results for their clients.

“Our drone footage, capturing video and stills, is a big selling plus for us at the moment,” Robin admits, “and it’s also great fun!”

“We’ve invested heavily in camera equipment that allows us to shoot extremely slick, cinema quality video footage. This allows businesses to showcase their products in stunning high definition, which sets them apart from their competitors.

“We also integrate booking systems and eCommerce systems to allow clients to generate more revenue online. We have also created Learning Management Systems so people can charge for courses online. We also create membership sites for clients who need members to subscribe for online services, plus recruitment sites and Third-Party Integrations, where we take existing software and integrate them into your current web platform.”

Media Helm’s client-centered approach and investment in technology has allowed the company to grow its client base from smaller SMEs and start-ups to larger national brands and organisations, including the Irish School of Motoring, Aphex Engineering, Tramore Racecourse, Frisby Homes and many others.

Robin says size does matter, but in his experience working with clients across every business sector, being lean and agile means Media Helm is able to respond far quicker and imaginatively than many of its bigger competitors.

“There isn’t an industry we haven’t worked with, from government bodies, State companies, education, food and catering, health and beauty, training and recruitment, property, media companies, automotive services – you name it, we’ve worked on it. This broad portfolio of clients has given us incredible insights and knowledge which we in turn can pass on to our clients. I love the diversity of the work we do. No two days are the same – each project brings its own challenges – but this is ultimately extremely rewarding, for us and – more importantly – for our clients. We’re lean, we’re agile and can move around projects, not like a faceless agency who are very rigidly structured which prevents them from giving the tailored, customer-made service we provide to our clients.”


*For more information contact Robin Whelan on 087 960 3448 or email:
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