June 14, 2024

Strike it from the record: Kilkenny residents targeted in jury email scam

Residents in county Kilkenny have been targeted by online fraudsters who are sending them fake emails asking them to sign up for jury duty.

In an alert posted by An Garda Síochána, the force is urging people not to click on any links if they receive this email as “this is a scam.”

Genuine jury duty notices will only ever be posted out to people and they will never be sent via email, text, or any other method other than post.

A local Garda spokesperson said: “Some people have received fraudulent jury service notices by email. In the email, a request is made to click on a link to get a jury number. This is a scam, and the public are advised NOT to click on any links.

“A genuine jury summons is issued only through the postal system,” the spokesperson said.

The email appears quite convincing and is addressed from ‘invite@courts.ie.’  ‘Courts.ie’ is indeed the correct stem to the Irish Court Services email.

Gardai also warned of a series of other scam emails and texts currently circulating. They urged people to be vigilant and to immediately contact gardai if they become aware of them.

The Garda spokesperson added: “Fraudulent emails still circulate which are allegedly from financial institutions and Revenue. Never click on the link, if in doubt, ring or call in to verify.”

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