April 25, 2024
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Revealed: Kilkenny’s top 10 favourite takeaways during lockdown

Takeaway orders across Kilkenny increased by more than a third during lockdown, according to a new survey.

Just Eat has just released their ‘Takeaway Race’ findings for 2020. And it has found Chinese food pipped pizza as the most popular delivery of choice locally.

The report found takeaway orders in Kilkenny rose by 37.49 last year.

After Chinese and Pizza, the next most popular take away was fish and chips, followed by kebabs and Italian food.

One in every four orders out last year in Kilkenny was for a Chinese, which accounted for just over 26% of total orders made.

Since 2010, Chinese cuisine has grown by 10,648% in popularity in Kilkenny while takeaway orders have risen by 307.05% in that same time.

Kilkenny’s Top 10 Takeaway Choices in 2020

1.     Chinese
2.     Pizza
3.     Fish & Chips
4.     Kebabs
5.     Italian
6.     Thai
7.     Indian
8.     Asian
9.     Burgers
10.  Chicken

Top Ordered Takeaways (by year)

Chinese remains Kilkenny’s most ordered cuisine over the last decade also, claiming the top spot for seven years out of the last ten.

Year Most Ordered Takeaway
2020 Chinese
2019 Chinese
2018 Pizza
2017 Pizza
2016 Pizza
2015 Chinese
2014 Chinese
2013 Chinese
2012 Chinese
2011 Chinese
2010 Chinese


Credit: Just Eat’s Takeaway Interactive tool




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