February 25, 2024

Tax disc forger app-rehended by gardai in Kilkenny has car seized

A driver who went to extreme lenghts to avoid paying car tax had his vehicle seized by gardai in Kilkenny.

Gardai on routine patrol in the city stopped the motorist after their mobility app detected that the vehicle’s tax had expired back in April.

On closer inspection, the officers saw the tax displayed on the vehicle showed it was up to date until April next year.

On closer inspection, they discovered it was in fact a 04/2021 disc, but with a “neatly applied” second ‘2’.

A local Garda spokesperson confirmed the vehicle was seized under Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act and that “enquiries are ongoing”.

However, some people took to social media to express some light-hearted support for the driver.

One man said: “Full marks for trying, road tax on older vehicles in this Country is a complete rip off anyway.”

Another commented: “Unlucky lad, well worth a shot.”

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