September 22, 2023

No repossession orders granted on Kilkenny homes this year


KILKENNY is just one of two counties in the country in which no home repossessions were granted to the banks in the first six months of this year.

The figures were revealed today under the Freedom of Information Act. In the first half of 2019, banks operating in Ireland were given permission to repossess 314 homes across the country.

Kilkenny and Sligo were the only two counties where no home repossessions were granted by the courts.

Of the 314 homes the court place repossession orders on, 246 of these were the owners’ primary home.

According to the figures, the most repossession orders were granted in Dublin – 48 orders.

Meath was next with 40 repossessions granted, there were 30 repossessions granted in Cork and 20 in Kildare.

Of the 314 orders granted, 290 were through the District and Circuit courts, the remaining 24 orders were granted in the High Court.

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