October 20, 2021

‘The sooner the better’ – poll topper Pat Fitzpatrick looking forward to General Election

CASTLECOMER poll topper Pat Fitzpatrick is already looking ahead to the next General Election in the wake of Fianna Fáil’s dominant performance in the local elections.

The party captured 11 of the 24 seats on Kilkenny County Council, two more than their Fine Gael rivals.

Cllr Fitzpatrick was the first councillor past the post in the local election after he polled an impressive 2,249 first preference votes in North Kilkenny.

Speaking to KilkennyNow.ie afterwards, Cllr Fitzpatrick admitted he “never envisaged” getting such a strong vote.

He said: “I went out to get re-elected, that’s all. I just worked and worked in the area, but look it, I suppose there was an opportunity there to increase my vote and that’s what I’ve done.

“It’s down to people coming out on the door but also people who’ve worked with me over the past five years. Right across the county I’ve worked with community groups, individuals, they may not always be out on the news headlines but that’s what I like doing.

“Elections is about working hard on the ground, working with communities. There’s some fabulous community groups out there and I’m the conduit between the groups and the county council, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve a small team of amazing people who’ve worked with me over the past few weeks on the canvass. We done a very small, compact canvass and that was it.”

Cllr Fitzpatrick said he believes the party is in very good shape in the constituency ahead of the next General Election, adding: “I think the sooner that General Election comes the better. Having said that I think it’s a reflection that the boys have been doing the work on the ground and that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about work ethic. People elect ye and they expect you to work – not to disappear for five years and that would be the one message that John McGuinness would have given us: ‘lads, roll up your sleeves and start working’. He [McGuinness] has a work ethic and I would hope we would continue that work ethic.”


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