December 6, 2023

Conmen steal thousands from Kilkenny woman’s bank account

A Kilkenny woman had a substantial amount of money stolen from her bank account after she fell victim to a text scam.

The unfortunate sequence of events began when the woman received a text message stating there had been some suspicious activity on her bank account.

The text message prompted her to sign into her bank account using the link provided in the message.

A local Garda spokesperson said: “The link appeared to bring her to her bank account sign in page, she entered her details and all appeared normal.

“A week later she received a call from her bank stating that a large sum of money had been transferred from her account to an unknown account,” the spokesperson added.

Gardaí have urged people never to click on links contained in emails and text messages, warning this runs the risk of your personal financial details being compromised.

Anyone who has fallen victim to similar scams are asked to contact Kilkenny Garda Station on 056 777 5000.


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