June 20, 2024

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Distressed horse found in Kilkenny put down by authorities

A horse discovered in a very distressed state in Kilkenny city has had to be put down due to the terrible condition the animal was in.

Yesterday morning local gardai were made aware of an animal caught up in brush on the city’s ring road between the Hebron Road roundabout and the Dublin Road roundabout.

After a vet was called to examine the animal it was agreed the best course of action was to have it put down due to the distress it was in. The horse remains at the scene this morning awaiting removal.

Local Councillor Eugene McGuinness was very early made aware of the situation.

“The horse was in a dreadful state and seemed like it had been there for days.”

“This kind of animal abuse/cruelty has to stop. I will be insisting that Kilkenny County Council rigorously investigate this and take immediate measures to find out who is responsible!”

“Totally disgusted and saddened by yet another act of barbarism on our doorstep. I will be speaking to officials to ascertain exactly what their findings are and decide on the urgent steps that need to be taken to prevent this kind of cruelty/savagery in the future.”


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