June 15, 2021
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WARNING: Kilkenny people targeted in raft of online scams, one local business hit for ‘six figure sum’

Kilkenny people have been urged to be on the alert for a raft of online scams doing the rounds in the countdown to Christmas.

Local gardai say an increasing number of businesses and householders have been targeted by fraudsters in recent weeks.

Business have been the victim of a so-called ‘redirection fraud’, where con artists pretend to be a supplier or service provider for your business in order to trick you into changing bank account payee details.

They contact you to tell you that their bank account details have changed and to ask you to send all payments to a new account.

A source told KilkennyNow.ie one local business was hit for a “six figure sum” in recent weeks.

Local householders have also been targeted in a bitcoin fraud, which is essentially a criminal pyramid scheme.

One of the most common recent scams involves fraudsters who falsely claim to represent the DHL delivery service and asks victims to pay for a small delivery charge to claim their online purchase. Once they have the person’s private banking details they then proceed to clean out their account.

Local Crime Prevention Officer, Sergeant Peter McConnon, again appealed to people to be extremely cautious for online scams in the countdown to Christmas.

Sgt McConnon told KilkennyNow.ie: “We’ve see a huge amount of cases where people have been contacted by fraudsters in recent weeks and I am again urging everyone to never give out their personal banking details online.”

Sgt McConnon also urged householders and businesses to install up-to-date firewall protection software to ensure their devices are protected.

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