July 17, 2024
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WATCH: Kilkenny GAA clubs could become coronavirus testing centres

GAA clubs around Kilkenny could be called upon to act as testing centres as the coronavirus emergency escalates.

Speaking on Newstalk, Enterprise Minister Heather Humpreys said local GAA could be called upon to act as local testing centres. Already GAA Croke Park is being used as a drive-through test centre.

As part of the government’s preparations in relation to Covid-19, Minister Humphreys said the GAA have been very helpful and accessible.

“Quite a few GAA clubs have actually contacted me and they said that their facilities are suitable and to put then on the list and they’ll make themselves available to the HSE so that we can have more of those facilities across the country.”

30,000 coronavirus testing kits will arrive in Ireland tomorrow, this is expected to result in an increase in testing, with more local centres will have to be set-up and further information on these locations will be provided once the sites are confirmed.


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