July 31, 2021

WEATHER FORECAST: See what’s in store for Kilkenny this week


IT’S looking like it’s going to be a mild, but wr, week.

Today pretty much started as it means to go. Following the heavy rain overnight, expect more heavy showers during the day. On the plus side, temperatures will be good, up to 15C or 16C.

The showers should clear by tonight and it will be a calm, mild night with temperatures up to 10C.

Tomorrow will be nicer than today, with more sunny spells than rain, but there will be showers about, more likely in the afternoon. Temperatures should stay in the mid-teens maybe around 16C.

Again the afternoon and evening showers should clear by night time, but it could be a chillier night, with temperatures set to drop to about 6C or 7C.

Wednesday and Thursday will be pretty similar, sunny spells with showers. Thursday showers could make way for rain, however. The good news is it will be mild both days with temperatures reaching the high teens, 17C or 18C, which is quite good for this time of year.

Showers will continue through both nights but the mild temperatures should continue into the night, with overnight being a warm 11C.

Friday again looks showery with sunny spells while remaining mild, still in the mid-teens, 15C or 16C. Friday night will be wet and chilly, however, temperatures could fall back down to 7C.

So far, next weekend is looking dry, but we could see a bit of a chill kick in, temperatures struggling to stay in the teens.

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