May 23, 2024

SPONSORED: How’s the 5G rollout in Kilkenny going?

In 2019, Kilkenny was one of the latest cities to benefit from the widespread rollout of 5G network connectivity. It was the lucky recipient of only 10 locations chosen by mobile operator, Eir, to receive the cutting-edge technology and provide connection speeds of up to one gigabit per second. As the second anniversary of the rollout approaches, a growing number of residents and businesses alike are reaping the wide-reaching benefits of rapid connection speeds. Continue reading to find out how the move is going so far.

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A rapid expansion

In addition to the initial 5G rollout in Kilkenny in 2019, the city also experienced a rapid expansion in the months that followed. In 2020, for example, Three Ireland successfully launched its 5G network in every county in the country. As a result, businesses and customers alike can now buy and sell goods and services at the touch of a button at lightning speeds with over 35% of the population covered by Three. It came just days after the carrier experienced a major network failure that left its customers without internet for a number of hours. This is, however, believed to be unrelated to the launch.

The launch of an indoor 5G network

In recent months, 5G has continued to thrive in Kilkenny as the internet is used for a growing number of services including online shopping on ecommerce platforms and online gaming on online casinos, such as Casumo Casino Ireland. As a result, the city was chosen as the home of a brand-new indoor 5G network in July as Three Ireland and Ericsson announced its plans for a strategic partnership with Glanbia Ireland in an attempt to increase manufacturing efficiency at the company’s largest Irish plant. It is set to demonstrate how 5G can be utilised within a manufacturing environment and subsequently applied to a wide range of industries and sectors on a country-wide scale.

The future of 5G

 As 5G becomes commonplace up and down Ireland, Kilkenny is one of the latest cities to benefit from some of the fastest connection speeds available to businesses and consumers today. It has been welcomed with open arms and has paved the way for further technological advancements with the potential to streamline a number of daily tasks for residents and visitors alike down the line. With 5G coverage continuing to be rolled out across the country on a gradual basis, Kilkenny may see history repeat itself as one of the lucky recipients of future emerging trends when it comes to mobile coverage.

In 2019, Kilkenny was chosen as one of the first cities in Ireland to receive widespread 5G network connectivity. In the years since, it has welcomed change with open arms and benefitted from a number of positive consequences as a result. This includes being selected for a cutting-edge indoor 5G network at one of the city’s largest plants and retaining their top spot as one of the most up-and-coming Irish cities when it comes to mobile coverage on a country-wide scale.




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