February 26, 2024

‘Double Trouble’ for Kilkenny motorists under plans to increase penalty points on Bank Holidays

Penalty points for speeding and dangerous driving look set to double on Bank Holiday weekends on Kilkenny roads under new gardai plans.

The new rules could be implemented under a set of new road safety plans by gardai targeting periods when traffic volumes are at their heaviest.

Gardai have consistently urged drivers to slow down and drive with care and consideration when travelling on bank holiday weekends, a time which has shown a trend towards increased numbers of accidents.

The latest plan, dubbed the “Double Trouble system,” would see anyone caught driving dangerously over these weekends would receive double penalty points, similar to an operation used in parts of Australia.

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast earlier today, Conor Faughnan from AA Roadwatch said he believes the laws in place are adequate, it is the enforcement of them is the issue.

“In all honesty, it’s not a measure we truly need.

“I would be much more in favour of doubling garda resources than laws.

“I don’t think you need to be a top analyst to conclude we just don’t have enough gardaí.

“I have no objection to it, but I would be concerned it would just be another distraction, it would be something else to prevent you from sticking to the knitting and enforcing the laws we’ve got,” Mr Faughnan concluded.


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