June 22, 2024

Full of Grace: Kilkenny’s most popular baby names revealed

Fiadh and Grace have tied for Kilkenny’s most popular names for baby girls, while Jack has knocked off James as the favourite newborn boy’s name in the county.

Unsurprisingly, Grace and Jack are the most popular names for newborns in Ireland the Central Statistics Office revealed.

It is all change at the top in Kilkenny however, as last year Emma and James were the most popular names in Kilkenny. While it was Emily and Jack the most popular nationwide.

Last year’s most popular girl’s name Emily has dropped down to fourth place this year, with Emma overtaking her for third, while Lucy is the only new name to break into the top ten nationally.

Jack retains his place on top the table for the third year, with James, Noah, Conor and Daniel seeing out the top-five for the third year in a row.

Its all change lower in the top ten, with Finn and Fionn gatecrashing the party at numbers six and eight. Finn jumps from number 22, Fionn from number 16.

Harry also climbs into the top ten (9) to join Liam (7) and Charlie (10)  who both retain their place on the list.

Top 100 babies’ names registered in 2020

Boys’ name 2020 2019 Girls’ Names 2020 2019
Jack 1 1 Grace 1 2
James 2 2 Fiadh 2 3
Noah 3 3 Emily 3 1
Daniel 4 5 Sophie 4 4
Conor 5 4 Ava 5 7
Finn 6 22 Amelia 6 6
Liam 7 7 Ella 7 9
Fionn 8 16 Hannah 7 5
Harry 9 12 Lucy 9 11
Charlie 10 10 Mia 10 10





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