February 22, 2024

Heartless thieves steal baby pygmy goats just days old from Kilkenny farm

Three newborn pygmy goats have been stolen from a county Kilkenny by criminals the day after the owners posted pictures of them on social media.

Gardai believe a crime gang deliberately targetting valueable animals are behind the theft.

The baby goats were just two days old when they vanished, leaving their mother pining for them.

Online trading sites show that female pygmy goats can be traded for as high as €600, and males for around €200.

The owners of the goats in Kilkenny had posted photos of them on social media last Thursday, the day after they were born.

Gardai confirmed they are the theft of three pygmy goats from a farm in Dunnamaggin sometime between 10pm on Saturday and 11am on Sunday morning.

Anyone with any information about the theft is asked to contact their local Garda station.


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