May 18, 2024

Rustlers steal 40 cattle from Kilkenny farm before vanishing without a trace

A gang of rustlers stole an entire herd of cattle from a farm in county Kilkenny before vanishing without a trace.

Kilkenny gardai have confirmed that 40 animals were taken off the land from a farm in Jerpoint Hill outside Thomastown last week

The owner realised the whole herd had vanished early on Sunday morning. The last time they checked the herd was late the previous Saturday, November 2.

Gardai have carried out house-to-house calls in the area to see if anyone had noticed anything suspicious or unusual during the previous week, but so far the incident remains shrouded in mystery.

A local Garda spokesperson told “It’s an unusual case. They would have been well organised and had the right vehicles to get that amount of livestock away.

“We ask anyone with information, or anyone who may have noticed anything suspicious around Jerpoint Hill last week, to contact Thomastown Garda Station on 056 775 4150.”

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