April 25, 2024

Gardai confirm they are reviewing case of Kilkenny woman missing for 24 years

The case of a young Kilkenny woman who went missing 24 years ago while attempting to make her way home from Dublin has been re-opened.

In a significant development, it’s been confirmed the Garda Serious Crime Review team is looking into case surrounding the disappearance of then 21-year-old Callan woman, Jo Jo Dullard.

Jo Jo disappeared from Moone, county Kildare on November 9, 1995.

A spokesperson for the gardai told KilkennyNow.ie: “This historical missing person’s case (Jo Jo Dullard) is being reviewed by the Serious Crime Review team and the matter remains under investigation.”

Jo Jo went missing 24 years ago last Saturday. She was last seen at a phone box in Moone county Kildare, as she was trying to get home from Dublin to Callan. She was calling a friend at the time of her disappearance.

It’s understood she was trying to hitch home.

A woman matching Jo Jo’s description was seen in a car in Castledermot, county Kildare about 30 minutes after Jo Jo’s last confirmed sighting at the phonebox.

There was another report from later that night, where a woman was seen being bundled into a car in Kilmacow, county Kilkenny.

Speaking to KCLR’s “The way it is” programme, Jo Jo’s sister Kathleen Bergin said the family hoped the gardai get all the assistance they need to find the people responsible for Jo Jo’s disappearance.

“The Serious Crime Review team will have fresh eyes.

“They will be more in-depth. They will look at things differently and will do things (in the investigation) differently.

“We are hoping they will be given all the resources that they need and the amount of time they need to do this.

“This is not something you can rush,” Kathleen said.


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