August 15, 2022
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SPONSORED: John McGuinness, TD: ‘Help me to help you – please vote Andrew McGuinness and Joe Malone’

A message from John McGuinness, TD. 

IT has come to my attention that misleading information regarding the candidates I am supporting in the upcoming local elections is being circulated, with the intention of causing confusion for political reasons. Therefore, I felt it necessary to make my position clear on the matter.

I believe it’s vital for democracy that the election of candidates to public office is based on facts, and your knowledge of them and the work that they do. Given this, I felt obliged to reach out to you directly to let you know that the candidates I support, who help me to help you, and that I and am respectfully asking you to vote for are Andrew McGuinness and Joe Malone.

Andrew and Joe both work from my Constituency Office, which has served the people of Kilkenny for more than 22 years. The work they do, day in, day out, of behalf of our constituents, is invaluable. Andrew and Joe put in the hard miles that gives me the time and space to represent the constituency as best as I can on your behalf, both at local and national level.

I can vouch for them directly because I see the huge amount of time and effort they spend working on your behalf – and all the experience, ability and determination they bring to their roles as local representatives. I am asking you to vote 1 and 2 for Andrew and Joe in the order of your preference on May 24.

I would also respectfully ask you to continue your support for John Coonan. Electing Andrew, Joe and John will help my Constituency Office on O’Loughlin Road to continue to provide you with the personal service, experience and commitment that it has delivered to the community over the past three decades.

I wish to emphasise that neither I, or any of the above candidates, have come to any arrangement of any sort with any other candidate in this election, nor am I recommending or supporting anyone other than Andrew, Joe and John.

Local democracy is important. Electing candidates to represent you with energy, experience and ability, who have access to a strong voice in Dáil Eireann is sensible. I urge you to take a few minutes on May 24 to exercise your democratic right to vote, because every vote really does count.

Thank you for your time.

John McGuinness, TD


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