February 26, 2024

‘We will not be bullied into performing abortions’ – Kilkenny consultant


A CONSULTANT obstetrician at St Luke’s Hospital told a pro-life rally over the weekend that people in the medical profession should not be bullied into performing abortions against their will.

Dr Trevor Hayes said that if the government continues to bully medical professionals into performing abortions, they will force doctors and nurses out of the profession, which will create a far greater crisis in our health services.

Dr Hayes is one of four consultant obstetricians at St Luke’s who wrote to hospital management, the Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG) last month telling them they would not be performing abortions in the hospital.

Last Saturday afternoon he addressed thousands of pro-life supporters at the Rally for Life march outside the Custom House in Dublin. He criticised the Minister for Health, Simon Harris for trying to bully medical professionals who conscientiously object to taking part in abortions.

“He is obsessing with abortion,” Dr Hayes told the rally. “It’s a procedure that helps no one and takes the life of a child. Instead he is trying to bully good men and women to get involved in abortion against their conscience.”

Dr Hayes warned the Government that if it continues on this path of bullying it will be to the detriment of the health services, as people will be forced out of the medical profession.

“If this means that doctors and nurses and other medical professionals are being forced out of medicine, this will only add to the staffing crisis already crippling the health service.

“But that outcome will be caused, not by pro-life doctors and nurses, but by Simon Harris and this Government.

“Shame on them for failing to respect the conscientious right of medical professionals.”

In his speech, Dr Hayes said that the role of medical professionals is to save lives and abortion does not fit this narrative.

“Doctors have no objection to providing life-saving medical treatment to pregnant women.

“Abortion is not life-saving it’s life-ending. It’s not health care, and no amount of spin can make it health care.”

Last month’s letter to the IEHG said following discussions between the four consultant obstetricians at St Luke’s, it was “decided unanimously that the hospital is not an appropriate location for medical or surgical terminations”.

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  1. I’m sorry doctor but the people have spoken the right for abortion is lawful in this country now and if you don’t want to do the procedure step aside and allow other doctors to do what’s nessecary. You state that the government is bullying you and other doctors to do these procedures but you seem to have forgotten that in this country we follow democratic process and the majority of the population in this case voted in favour of these procedures. Shame on you sir for having the gall to throw this on the government when we the People have spoken. In every vote there’s a losing side unfortunately from your own perspective you have lost this argument already and if you are not willing to do procedures that are nessecary and needed then perhaps you need to seek another avenue in your chosen profession. Times change doctor and you and those that stand with you just show ignorance in not accepting this. Adapt and overcome or go the way of the dinosaur.

  2. I am sorry Martin but should a billion people vote to legalise killing it is still wrong and violates the right of the one killed. Your suggestion for stepping aside violates common sense. There are already major shortages of Medical and Surgical consultants in HSE so I cannot see how the gap made by stepping aside will be filled.
    Please refrain from insulting us by the phrase “We the People”
    There are 723,000 people in Ireland who have not fallen into the ignorance of human rights that brings death. You are fond of the word ignorance and understandably so: your ignorance of scientific facts of living humans within the womb and of human rights equals that of ancient South American “civilizations” that gloried in human sacrifice. Be a good man, come up to date and join the human race.

  3. Democracy shouldn’t force anyone to act against their conscience. Abortion may be legal but Christians have human rights too and the right to follow their faith. Forcing a Christian to kill is not some forward thinking democratic triumph. It denies their right to practice their religion and ethics.

  4. When everyone thinks of the work hours and all the baby’s that were killed by the hands of the nuns wee all think what bad people and other aufful words to describe those people fro what they and now they want the doctor to carreout this aufful crual act shameful people

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