February 29, 2024

Kilkenny TD wants pet owners to face ‘woof’ justice under new dog poo proposal

In the dog-eat-dog world of politics, Sinn Féin is proposing to introduce some ‘woof’ justice to pet owners who fail to clean up after their animals.

A bill put forward by two of the party’s TDs plans to make it compulsory for dog owners to carry poo bags or they could be fined on the spot.

Kilkenny TD Kathleen Funchion will introduce the bill into the Dáil alongside her Dublin South-West party colleague Sean Crowe, and the pair are hoping for cross-party support.

They say that the Litter Pollution Amendment of the Dog Litter Control Bill 2019 “is to impress those in charge of dogs the importance of picking up their pet’s faeces when in public by making it an offence not to produce a suitable bag when in charge of a dog and when requested to do so by a dog warden, litter warden, or member of An Garda Siochana”.

Long the scourge of families with young children, it is believed the TDs decided to act after a number of local residents in different constituencies said dog litter was a major issue for them.

“We know the issue is raised in all constituencies so we would be hoping that all parties would see the serious health implications involved in the issue,” a Sinn Fein spokesman said.

Mr Crowe has said that a small number of dog owners are putting others at risk by not cleaning up after their pets.

“It’s time literally to cut the shit and clamp down on the small but significant group of irresponsible dog owners who continue to destroy and pollute our communities,” he said.

“This is an important and serious health issue which is constantly raised by constituents on the doors, in clinics and even when just out walking about.

“Despite the introduction of the law making it an offence to not pick up your dog’s litter, our parks and communities are still littered with dog excrement.

“This is also a serious public health issue as dog litter carries disease which can lead to fever, cough or wheezing, enlarged liver, rash or swollen lymph nodes and even blindness.”


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