June 21, 2024

Local LGBTQ activist plants flag on Kilkenny Friary altar following ‘zombie’ controversy


A KILKENNY activist placed a rainbow flag on the church altar where a friar compared members of the LGBTQ community to “spiritual zombies”.

The act of defiance was in response to a controversial homily sermon delivered by Fr Tom Forde (pictured below) over the weekend in which the cleric described homosexuals among other groups as being “morally infected”. He also referred to them as “spiritual zombies”.

The LGBTQ activist entered the Capuchin Friary in the city at around 2.20pm yesterday. They sat down in one of the church pews for a moment before approaching the altar and unfurling the rainbow flag, representative of the LBGTQ community. They then walked out of the church, leaving the flag on the marble altar behind.

Speaking afterwards, the protester said they were reacting to what they described as “hate speech”.

The activist told KilkennyNow.ie: “I felt I had to do it, or someone had to do something. I found it very difficult to accept that the church was judging people without ever seeking out to talk to them.

“I read Fr Forde’s homily online and I was very distressed and upset. I found it  very backward-thinking. I have had a deep faith in God but have stepped away from the church and religion in the last number of years, and these latest comments only go to confirm how I feel now.”

The Capuchin Friary did not wish to comment on the incident when contacted by KilkennyNow.ie.

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