February 29, 2024

Phil under fire: I wouldn’t make Hogan’s monthly salary in a year, says election candidate

A EUROPEAN election candidate has accused Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan of accepting an “obscene amount of money” from the EU.

Adrienne Wallace (pictured below) said the former Kilkenny TD was paid more than €300,000 a year, plus expenses.

She said: “He has a basic monthly salary of €20,832, a ‘residence allowance’ of 15% of his basic salary – which is €37,498 –  a one-off ‘installation allowance’ of two months’ basic salary equating to €41,665.08 and a monthly representation allowance of €7,292 a year.”

Ms Wallace (28)  is standing for People Before Profit in the Ireland South constituency. She lives in Carlow and used to work as a waitress in Kilkenny.

“When I worked in the hospitality industry I wouldn’t make Phil Hogan’s monthly salary in a whole year,” she said.

“How can these people be expected to be a voice for the ordinary people? They have no idea what it’s like to struggle as a result of the austerity they impose. I am fighting the European elections to be a voice for workers and fairness – but also to call  ‘the suits’ out on their elitist behaviour that comes out of our pockets.'”

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