June 19, 2024

Scenes of chaos as gardai break-up mass brawl involving more than 25 youths in Kilkenny village

Gardai are investigating a mass brawl involving more than 20 teenagers on the main street of a village in south Kilkenny over the weekend.

One juvenile was found to be in possession of a weapon when searched by gardai in Piltown in the wake of the carnage that eripted on Saturday afternoon.

It is understood a group of more than 20 teenagers from a location outside of Piltown descended on the village at around 4pm on Saturday afternoon.

They encountered a small group of teens from the village and a number of fights broke out.

A number of units of local gardai rushed to the scene to disperse the fighting teens. One teenager, who was with the larger group that entered the village, was found to be in possession of a dangerous weapon, however, it was not used during the melee.

That teen, along with a number of others, was taken by gardai back to their homes.

No arrests were made at the time but an investigation into the incident has been launched.


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