June 15, 2024
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Ignore the Yellow weather warning – it’s time to get out and vote!

The posters are up, the debates are done and dusted and the canvassers have pounded the pavement which means the only thing left to do is vote.

But Kilkenny people are being urged to get out and vote early as Met Éireann are expecting the weather to take a major turn for the worst.

The national weather forecaster has issued a yellow weather and wind warning for the county and the country which comes into effect from mid-morning as Storm Ciara sweeps in.

Met Éireann says: “A spell of heavy rain will spread eastwards across the country on Saturday with 20-40mm expected,” and “gusts reaching 90-110km/h.”

This weather will have settled in across the country from midday.

Meanwhile, an Orange Wind weather warning has been issued for Galway from 1pm to 6pm and for Donegal and Mayo from 12pm -4pm.

Despite the weather, the significance of an election being held during the centenary of the start of the War of Independence Centenary is unavoidable.

As we look back and commemorate the actions of the brave men and women who fought, and many of whom lost their lives for our freedom, we cannot deny our civic duty to cast our ballot on February 8.

Today’s date is doubly significant – this will be the first Saturday election since 1918, one of the key elections in our history.

That election was a crucial moment which saw over 70 representatives reject Westminster and set up a parliament in Dublin.

Voting in the General Election is by far the most important and appropriate tribute one can give to those involved in the War of Independence and our struggle for freedom.

The events that took place across our country gave us the gift of democracy and to ignore your right to take part in the democratic process would appear disrespectful.

As citizens of Ireland, we have the ability to have our say when it comes to how the State is run.

We can hold both local and national government accountable for the decisions made during their time in office by choosing whether or not to re-elect them.

Every vote counts. Every voice matters. Yours could change this nation.

In May 2018, we saw the power of the vote in action when Ireland repealed the Eight Amendment.

Irish people came out in droves to have their say and together we changed our country and history, whether you agree with the result or not.

Thousands of young people cast their vote for the first time in the referendum and as a result, they felt they were heard for the first time.

When you are heading to the polls encourage friends and family to go with you. Offer to accompany a nervous first-time voter or help an elderly person to travel to their polling station.

Use your voice to help shape this nation and your future.

Your vote is both a right and a privilege – don’t let it go to waste.

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