May 21, 2024

Kilkenny cat owners urged to keep pets indoors as search for abandoned lurchers continue

THE owners of small pets in Kilkenny have been urged to keep their animals indoors until a pack of eight lurchers who were cruelly abandoned in the city earlier this week are found.

Three lurchers who were part of the same group have been rescued and are recovering well, despite suffering from severe malnutrition when they were found.

However, concern is growing for the remaining dogs, and animal workers have urged people to be extremely cautious if they come across the lurchers.

Gina Hetherington of Paws Animal Rescue told “These poor dogs are going to be very hungry and they’re going to be in a pack, so I would urge cat owners or people with small pets to keep them inside.

“It’s different when there’s just two or three [dogs], but it’s a different story when there are eight hungry lurcher dogs in a pack.”

Gina also urged children in particular not to chase the lurchers if they come across them, adding: “They could end up running onto the road and cause a terrible accident. If anyone does see them, be calm and try to befriend them, and call us immediately.”

Meanwhile, the three rescued lurchers – who have been named Annalise, Evelyn and Sullivan by their adopted carers – are recovering well despite the poor state they were found in earlier this week. Sullivan was taken to the vet for treatment, but his condition has improved.

Gina posted a picture of Annalise and Evelyn (above) on social media and thanked people who had made donations to help with their care.

She said: “Both girls have still a long road ahead but it’s so lovely to see them looking more perky. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Little Sullivan is still at the vets but has improved. Fingers crossed he’ll keep going strong.”

Anyone with information about the eight missing lurchers is urged to contact Paws Animal Rescue on 052 915 3507.

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