May 22, 2024

Kilkenny parents set to benefit from extra parenting leave


PARENTS in Kilkenny will be able to avail of an extra four weeks of unpaid parental leave from September.

While Kilkenny mothers and fathers of newborns will be able to avail of two weeks extra paternity from this November, bringing that entitlement up to four weeks, from two at present.

The extra four weeks of parental leave brings the current entitlement from 18 weeks per child to 22 weeks per child and can be used anytime up until the child is 12 years old.

Parents who wish to apply for parental leave must apply through their employers and is also the first of two upcoming increases to unpaid parental leave.

In September 2020, parents will be able to take another four weeks per child under 12, bringing the entitlement to 26 weeks.

The Government allocates €245 per parent during these weeks, and this can be topped up by the parent’s employer.

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