February 28, 2024
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SPONSORED: Mindset matters. That’s the key to a conference on managing symptoms of the menopause

For too long it has been treated like a guilty secret or the source of silly jokes. But the menopause is no laughing matter. For some women it can be overwhelming with symptoms that include low moods, brain-fog, physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

At last women are speaking out about the problems of the menopause and receiving a response, however late and inadequate.

The Department of Health has announced that a number of dedicated menopause clinics are to be set up around the country. The National Women’s Council says they will provide a very necessary service in “a critical phase” of women’s lives.

An online conference, later this month, also aims to make a real contribution to understanding and tackling the difficulties of the menopause.

Managing Your Menopause Symptoms will be hosted by Confident Women Ireland, the Kilkenny-based organisation founded by Róisín Ni Cheirigh, who describes herself as “a professional life coach  in the post-menopause stage of my midlife”.

“I can fully understand the impact and  turbulence of the transition; the physical, mental and emotional changes going through a woman’s body and life,” she says.

Róisín is adamant that, if properly approached, the menopause need not be all doom and gloom.

“The menopause can be one of the most empowering, inspiring, motivating and creative times in a woman’s life,” she says.

“Even with the challenges of menopause symptoms, with the right mindset, life strategies and attitude of approach, it can also be the most liberating time in a woman’s life. ”

Managing Your Menopause Symptoms is aimed at helping women to shape those strategies.

Róisin says mindset, the language of our thoughts and behaviour, determines a woman’s  personal outlook to the menopause and that, in turn, will affect the menopause experience and our ability to transition confidently through the menopause stages

She sets out the path to progress under  a number of key points:
*Our mindset affects our approach to making the necessary life changes we need  to manage the symptoms of our menopause;
*It is important to understand how to develop  the skills, tools and techniques to enable us to manage and adapt to the hormonal changes and  behaviours that can occur for many women;
*Developing a proactive, positive mindset will empower us with resilience, self-control and self-confidence to confidently navigate us through the menopause chapter in our lives;
*We may not be able to control our menopause symptoms completely, however we can put clear strategies in place to ease the stress and anxiety;
*Through our mindset we can control our approach and our attitude to menopause health and wellbeing. We can take control of our mindset, the behaviours and habits which control our emotions and our menopause experiences.

“Many women in perimenopause describe how for no reason, out of the blue. they have issues with their cognitive functions,” explains Róisín (pictured above).

“They report brain-fog and short-term memory loss , forgetfulness, low moods, mood swings and  irritability. Some say they feel depressed and have difficulties concentrating.”

‘Mindset matters’ is Róisín’s mantra. “It is important to note too, that not all women go through a negative menopause experience,” she says. “Sometimes our mindset just needs resetting and realigning. Changing the frequency of our thought behaviours can get us back on track, back  to enjoying life.
“Our mindset matters, therefore our menopause matters too.”

Managing Your Menopause Symptoms will empower you to use your mindset to confidently manage the menopause. The online virtual event takes place on Tuesday 28 September from 8pm to 9.30pm.

You can book your ticket through Eventbrite at:

*Róisín Ni Chleirigh is a broadcaster and qualified life coach who uses her community radio platform to give a voice to women. Confident Women Ireland helps women build the confidence and knowledge that will carry them through key stages in their personal and professional lives.

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