June 4, 2020
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SPONSORED: Want to live in Kilkenny? Pack your bags and bring your job with you! There’s a work revolution afoot

Julia comes to her desk at New Work Junction in Kilkenny every day at 2pm. For the next seven hours or so, she solves her clients’ IT problems. That’s her job. Julia’s clients are in Chicago. Her employer is in New York. When she moved back to Kilkenny, she brought her job with her.

John A, an architect, opens his office in New Work Junction every day at 8. His employer is in Dublin. A year ago he told them he was moving home and he would work for them from New Work Junction. They arranged his office. Now he commutes only for site visits.

Paul works for a pharmaceutical company in Lisbon. He had been working from a home office in Porto for some time so when he decided he’d like his children to go to school in Kilkenny, it was almost no change for his employer. He just needed a similar desk and bullet-proof broadband.

John B is a software engineer working for a Silicon Valley start-up. The company has no main office – all the workers are like John, working from where they want to live. And flying once a year for a team meet up in a location they get to vote on. John comes into New Work Junction most days to get through a pile of work and maybe share coffee and ideas in the kitchen.

Anna is a scientist. When she decided to move here with her Kilkenny husband, her company in Frankfurt did not want to lose her. So they decided to give remote working a try. New Work Junction was an ideal launch pad because she could start work the day after landing, with all the services in place and no commitment if didn’t work out. Anna’s company has now grown an Irish branch around Anna and she has moved into her own office in town.

‘This is happening in every town. We are seeing the same trend in our Carlow and Wexford branches,’ says Tom O’Neill, founder of New Work Junction and himself a remote worker with vendors in South Africa and clients in the US and India. ‘The pieces are in place and employers are changing their policies to make remote workers central to their teams and so retain the best.’

Where your employer is not willing to consider even a trial, there are many other employers who are more than happy to. Why not look at www.Abodoo.com to get matched with a flexible employer. You could also look at the jobs board on www.GrowRemote.ie

So if you are thinking about living here, it’s no longer a pipe dream. There are lots of options. It’s now possible to have the best of both worlds. You keep your current career and the big city salary that goes with it, and you get the quality of life, schools, and a five-minute commute.

New Work Junction is located at Dublin Rd, Highhays, Kilkenny.

For more information, contact New Work Junction on 056 781 6486 or log on to: https://newworkjunction.com/




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